Aaron & Dominic’s Brandshatch Place Rustic Autumn Wedding Day

Aaron & Dominic’s Brandshatch Place Rustic Autumn Wedding Day

Hey Folks! Today on the blog is Dominic & Aaron’s Brandshatch Place Civil Wedding Day. Dominic and Aaron kindly answered a few questions about their day and recalled some special memories. Enjoy!

What made you choose your venue? Brandshatch Place was only the 2nd venue we visited and we fell in love with it. We both come from very large families, with 17 brothers and sisters between us, most with children of their own also, so the idea of having the exclusive package that Brandshatch offered meant we had the whole hotel exclusively to us for our wedding day and night. We really liked the idea of making it a long weekend wedding, so having it on Friday with guests staying over into Saturday and being able to use all the hotels facilities made this happen. And then our guests also had the Sunday to recuperate before school / work etc on the Monday.

Brandshatch Place was a beautiful hotel with lovely surroundings, offered large rooms for our daytime and evening event plus 38 bedrooms for our guests to stay in. It was mostly family that stayed as aarons family all came down from Manchester for the wedding.

We had 81 guests for the daytime, mostly family but with a few really close friends. This was a perfect number as it filled the ceremony room nicely. In the evening we had an additional 60 guests of work colleagues and friends.

Which theme did you choose? 2nd October was early autumn and we choose to follow this theme throughout. We had chosen Lisa from ‘Flowers & Sparkle’ to decorate our ceremony room and our table centrepieces for the wedding breakfast. Initially I had sent her a photo of what I had in mind and Lisa went over and above all expectations by truly doing a great job. We had log slices with tall vases filled with brown leaves and candles sitting in tree bark holders finished with leaves dusted across the tables. For the top table Dom had created a long tree branch that he had cut from a tree at his parents house months before and with the help of his brother Chris, they had bored holes out to sit tea light candles in. This tree branch was used for the registrars table during the ceremony also. To finish off our autumn theme we had buttons holes with a brown leaf and white flowers which set them off against our grey suits.

What did you both wear? We had always wanted to get married in grey suits, it seems to be our favourite colour as we have decked out our flat in glossy grey colour schemes. Our suits were from Marks&Spencer, a lovely 3 piece with silky purple in the back of the waistcoat. And completed our suits with Calvin Klein shirts we had bought back from Florida where we went for our pre-wedding honeymoon.

How did you prepare for the big day? We had a pre-wedding honeymoon as we knew we didn’t have enough time after our wedding to really go where we always wanted to go, which was Florida and do Universal Studios and Disney Land. We had the best holiday we have ever had there.

How do you feel the day went? The day was just perfect. We had stayed over in the hotel the night before the wedding and woke up to a gorgeous breakfast with some friends that had stayed over too. We were getting married at 2pm so had plenty of time to chill in the morning as there was no dress to put on or makeup to be done – but James as you know we were running behind eventually lol. We used the hotels spa and swimming pool that morning and found it was just the two of us in there, which was so nice to just chill, just us two, for a little while, before the Byrne’s and Stanton-Wharmby’s stampeded through the hotel in a mad dash to get ready for our day.

Everyone always says the day will go so quick, and they are so right. It flew by. But it really was the best day of our lives. Our ceremony was peaceful as we walked in together to Lana Del Ray’s ‘Young and Beautiful’. We choose to walk in together as a couple and leave as married partners.

It was thee first time our families had really met so it was so nice to see them all interacting, alongside the 25 children running about and playing.

Our wedding breakfast was such a lovely atmosphere. We walked in to roars of applause and did a tour of the room greeting everyone. Dinner was delicious, all 4 courses and the wine was flowing. Neither of us had chose a best man as we felt we were marrying the best man anyway! Dom’s dad did an amazing speech welcoming Aaron and his family and it bought tears to people’s eyes. Dom then did a speech on behalf of both grooms. It had turned out that there was a bet going on in the room as to how long my speech would be. Now initially dom had it at 5 mins 20 but some how padded it out to over 9 mins! Aarons Uncle Michael won about £30!! The bet was all run from dom’s brother in laws iPhone. It really made for a brilliant laugh and great atmosphere.

We cut our cake, again a Marks&Spencer 3 tiered chocolate cake, decorated with grey ribbon to match our suits and topped with a groom and groom black metal cut topper, all sitting on a tree log slice.

Our evening guests arrived to a free bar and photo booth alongside our evening buffet and DJ disco, spread out over 2 rooms with the third room for the little ones with games and Disney’s ‘Frozen’ on repeat.

The grooms did find time to themselves during the day to reflect on how they felt it was going and shared some sneaky shots. We celebrated our first dance to Faith Hill’s ‘There You’ll Be’ and finished the night with an hour of good old ‘kisstory’, some old school RnB hits which had everyone up on the dancefloor.

Can you share some of your favourite moments from the day? For Dom, his best moment would have been doing his speech, as it’s something he had been writing and thinking of since the two of them got together. I’m very good at remembering the little things and things Aaron may have forgot that we’ve done over the last 5 years. It was when I looked down and saw Aaron crying that made me feel proud that I had spent this time with him and was now married to him. And it was through telling the story of how Aaron came to live down south from Manchester and how we got together that our guests didn’t know through to Aarons mums roaring laughter at the sound of London Dungeons for our first date ( a mis-interpreted assumption? Lol ) that truly made the day for me.

Aarons best moment was the getting ready in our room. Just the two of us as we didn’t want family coming in. Aaron is useless at doing ties up so Dom stood behind Aaron and did his, as he has always done. It felt like a normal day getting ready as we always do, but knew this was a special time. Again it was nice being just us two before what we knew was going to be a loud day.

Thank you ever so much James. So many guests commended you and thought you did brilliant. We had no idea you went round each table and took photos of couples and chatted with everyone. You really fitted into our wedding party just like a guest which is what I remember you always said you wanted to do back in March 2014 when we first met you.

Suppliers: Lisa @ Flowers & Sparkle

Luke Fisher – DJ

Barry Sims – Toast master

Photo booth – OMG Entertainment

Venue: Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa

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