Documentary Wedding Reviews

Documentary Wedding Reviews


**Sam & Gemma ( 23rd September 2017 )**

Thanks for capturing our day so beautifully in stills! You rock!

Kent Wedding Photographer

**Louise & Jon (20th July 2017)**

James Grist is an exceptional photographer and an absolutely wonderful, genuine and charming guy.

James took time to get to know us beforehand, as well as finding out about family members, names and what we were looking for on our day. He then went and delivered all we had hoped for and more!

We have not had all the photos yet but having seen the previews (which are absolutely stunning and took my breath away) I am 100% certain the rest are going to be just as beautiful. James captured each moment and the feeling with it. Such creative and beautiful photos.

Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer but he is an absolute pleasure to be around and was so helpful on the day. He stayed with us throughout the day, popping in and out for every photo opportunity and with his documentary style it was like he was invisible.

He helped us from the moment we arrived, from taking stickers off our shoes, to giving advice where we least expected it. He made everyone feel calm and relaxed. He was superb with the guests and wonderful with the children. It felt like he was a member of the family. A true gentleman.

Thank you James for all the effort and hard work and time you put in to assisting us and working with us on our day and making it so special. We can’t wait to see the remaining photos and our story unfold.

Kent Wedding Photographer

**Jon & Sarah (21st July 2017)**

The only person we trusted to shoot our Wedding! The whole day was chilled and relaxed, helped by James’ professionalism, skill and charm. The bridesmaids were especially impressed . Perfect wedding day and we know the pics will be too. Smoke grenades!!!!! Cheers James. Love Mr & Mrs Cook

Kent Wedding Photographer


**Nile & Rachel (14th July 2017)**

An Absolute superb photographer and one of the most nicest and genuine guys you will ever meet. Both myself and my wife Rachel could not be happier with everything James did for us on our special day. He went above and beyond to get the kind of photos we were after. A real professional, organised and approachable top bloke that I would highly recommend to everybody! Thank you again James! X

Kent Wedding Photographer


**Zak & Kara ( 3rd June 2017 )**

To capture the most perfect shot where an entire day of memories will be brought back in a single picture and lift you up to smile every time you see it,
This is a magic moment that James will capture as your photographer.
Such an absolute pleasure to have on our day
and in our opinion the only photographer who will be able to capture the perfect moment you was wishing for.
James was an absolute gentleman, experienced in working the guests and personally involving himself with our closest family members.
There is nothing he won’t do to make sure your wedding album is the envy of everyone who sees it.
From even sacrificing a few nettle stings just to get our best side!

An amazing photographer and a genuinely charming & wonderful guy.

Thankyou James for capturing a day we will never forget and always look back apon in perfect detail.

Yours eternally grateful

Mr & Mrs Edgington.

Kent Wedding Photographer


**Tom & Gemma’s ( 17th June 2017 )**

Grist. James Grist.
I wouldn’t be shocked if this guy was the next James Bond. My Wife and I absolutely loved the experience having James as our photographer we both highly recommend him. From the moment he arrived to take photos of Gemma’s Wedding preparations he was on top form. The day was the hottest of the year but that didn’t stop him running to get the perfect shot! Thank you for being Mr cool and adding to our wedding experience.

If you you’re searching for a photographer for your wedding look no further. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Mr Grist.

Kent Wedding Photographer