Gemma & James Vaulty Manor Wedding Day

Gemma & James Vaulty Manor Wedding Day

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Today’s blog is Gemma & James’s wedding day.  These guys got married at Vaulty Manor in Heybridge in May. Gemma and James had viewed lots of different venues but Vaulty Manor really stood out to them.

‘After viewing about 10 venues, this was the last we went to see and fell in love with the venue straight away. We loved that it was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farmer fields as far as you could see, as well as the décor of the venue offering a rustic feel. It also gave us the opportunity to give DIY a go, and make a lot ourselves to personalise our day.’

Gemma & James didn’t really have a set theme as such but after making a few decisions about their day, they realised that they had gone for a vintagy theme and a rustic feel. Although, they tried to mainly focus on their likes and dislikes rather then an actual theme.

Their colour theme was Sage green, using this for the bridesmaid dresses, the groomsmen waistcoats, and accessories used to decorate the venue.

‘We chose wild flowers as our wedding flower, deciding the variety of colours would work well with the sage green theme. These are also a favourite of the bride, so ticked two boxes! We briefed our florist on what we wanted, emphasizing that the bouquets should have a rustic, almost messy feel. We were keen for them to look like they had been picked on the way to the church, and hand tied with raffia. The florist did an amazing job at making our untraditional brief a reality, and we loved what she did. The addition of a sunflower (our favourite flower) to the bridal bouquet was a late request, and really made it stand out from the rest.’

Gemma’s dress had a high neck with lace detailing, a fitted bodice and full skirt of soft tulle. The satin band around the waist was emphasised by a vintage style brooch in the centre. Gemma had originally gone shopping for a completely different style dress, not wanting a full skirt with lots of layers, but following advice from the lady in the shop, she tried it on, and fell in love.

For her hair, Gemma chose a vintage inspired up-do that showed off the lace detailing on her dress, with a vintage hair comb to hold it in place at the back. Makeup was simple, focussing on rosey cheeks and tint on her lips.

‘Both the hair and makeup lady were both amazing on the day.’

Groomsmen wore grey suits with ivory waistcoast with sage green detailing, with a sage green cravat. The groom wore the same suit, but with an ivory waistcoat and sage green cravat. Bridesmaid wore sage green satin dresses with ivory lace detailing on the sleeves and upper back.

‘We both had the most amazing day, it was everything we could have hoped it would be.’

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