Laura & Reuben’s Fun Kent Barn Wedding

Laura & Reuben’s Fun Kent Barn Wedding

Hey Folks! Today on the blog is Laura & Rueben’s Fun DIY Barn Wedding. They tied the knot back in May in a super relaxed ceremony at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent. Thank you for an awesome day , it was a pleasure hanging out with you and your guests! Epic Day!

**Where did you get married** We got married at Cooling Castle Barn, just outside Rochester in Kent. We love the Kentish countryside, as we both grew up in different areas of the county. And the views around Cooling are beautiful as it’s so flat, so we knew it would be a great place to get married and get some amazing photographs of the day!

**Why did you choose the venue** We knew we wanted our wedding to be relaxed and fun, so a barn or a rustic venue was what we were looking for. And as soon as we went to see Cooling Castle Barn, we knew it was perfect! We’d heard amazing things about how good the staff there are from friends and family who’d attended weddings and other functions before – particularly about the catering, which is really important for us as we love our food! The onsite rooms were also perfect for our guests, as we had people coming from different areas of the country.

The recent introduction of the Ice Cream bike was also great. We got engaged in Florence in Italy, so the gelato went down a treat.

** Did you have any type of theme to your day/ colour schemes ** We’re both fairly practical and resourceful so our wedding was based around things we enjoy doing together. I’m a bit music obsessed and love making and designing things, so we had a music theme running through most of the wedding, starting with the vinyl wedding invites that I design and sell online. The table names, plan and decorations were music related too, and instead of having a guestbook we got everybody to sign an acoustic guitar, which is now in our lounge at home. The amazing live reggae band we had for the evening really worked well with the relaxed mood we wanted.

We also had Reuben’s classic mini as our wedding car, which he’d spent the last 7 years restoring. We then had a Scalextric track with minis for people to race, and a replica mini cake topper.

In terms of colour scheme, we went for navy and cream, with some metallic gold and copper in places to go with the bridal gown.

** Which flowers did you choose? ** I did the flowers, table arrangements, bouqeut, corsages, cake decorations and buttonholes myself. I grew up in a village outside Canterbury called Bekesbourne, and there’s an amazing place there that sells dried flowers and hops, so I used a mixture of those and a load of sheet music paper flowers that I’d been making for the last year. I wanted a mixture of textures to go with the mix & match look of the groomsmen’s suits, as well as my dress, so the paper, hops, dried flowers, metallic colours and tulle came together nicely.

** Which style was the brides dress? i.e fishtail, a-line, backless, halter neck, lacey etc please describe your favourite aspects and why you chose it. ** I went to quite a few different bridal boutiques, and nothing I tried on really felt right. Everything was just too bridal for my taste, and because we wanted a relaxed wedding most of the dresses I tried on were too much. I’m quite short and pear shaped, so easily look drowned and bottom heavy in anything with too much fabric. In the end I went for a cream Needle & Thread sleaved gown, in quite a plain cut – but covered in amazing beading. It needed quite a bit of altering as it was very long on me, but I loved that it was fairly understated, and it was super comfy to wear all day. I had some amazing Miss KG heals in gold and cream, which lasted for about 5 minutes until I put some flip flops on.

In the evening I put on a tulle skirt that I’d worn for my hen do, with a cream top – so I could dance!

** How did you have your hair/make up and why? For example.. -natural? -bold ? -to match the wedding theme as a whole? ** I did my makeup as I would for a normal night out – I didn’t want to not look like myself for the day. The same applied for my hair, and I went for a half up, half down style with some paper flowers popped in the back – although I had a lovely hairdresser called Craig do it for me, as I often can’t get it right.

** Which colour did the bridesmaids wear? ** We went for Coast maxi dresses, all in navy, as it’s a geat colour that compliments most people’s skin tones. Because of the mix of colours going on everywhere else, I thought sticking to one colour for them would probably be best! As most of the bridesmaids are taller than me, and are all different body shapes, we chose different styles to suit each of them. They each had a corsage to wear on their wrist, so they could enjoy their ice creams and prosecco without having to worry about holding on to a big bunch of flowers. And my Bridesman, Dan, wore the same as the groomsmen but with a navy hankerchief in the jacket pocket.

** Which colour did the groomsmen wear? ** For the groomsmen, we went for a fairly casual mix of seperates – black jeans, brown tweed jackets, white shirt, navy braces and brown leather shoes and belts. Each of the ushers had square ended woven ties in Navy, with Reuben wearing a cream/gold version.

** How did you feel that the day went as a whole? ** We were really pleased with how the day went. It was a massive DIY family effort, and considering how much we did ourselves, with loads of help from Reuben’s Mum and step Dad Patrick, we don’t think it could have gone much better! We had quite a few children for the day, and all of the games and activities kept them (and the adults) occupied all day.

** Are there any special moments/memories that you’d like to share? ** The band was the highlight for me (Laura!), as they really brought the whole theme together. Everyone had such a good time dancing, although our actual first dance was pretty horrific. We forgot how long our band’s introduction was to ‘Waiting in Vain’ by Bob Marley, so it probably looked ridiculous!  Reuben’s highlight is probably getting the mini finished just in time for the big day.

** Supplier Love **

Essentially Hops, Bekesbourne – Dried hops and flowers

Stockleys – Invites, Illustrations

Craig David – Hair

 Kent Barn Wedding Kent Barn Wedding


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