Mark & Vikki’s Brandshatch Place Wedding Day

Mark & Vikki’s Brandshatch Place Wedding Day

Hey Folks! Today on the blog is Mark & Vikki’s wedding day! Mark and Vikki got married at Brandshatch Place in Kent.

“We got married at Brandshatch Place Hotel and spa after it being the first venue we saw! We loved the idea of having the whole wedding in one place and extending the celebrations over the whole weekend! The ceremony room and reception room were beautiful and the grounds and driveway leading to the hotel were the exact backdrop we wanted for our photos!”

Mark & Vikki didn’t have a specific theme, but wanted to include an aspect of Marks career in the army as a Grenadier Guard. They decided to inject a beautiful red colour into the day in honour of his hard work. They also had a few hints from Vikki’s favourite film!

“My favourite film is also Forrest Gump and small touches of this was included in the table plan, favours and music choices! We wanted as many personal aspects as we could include as the day itself was our 5 year anniversary so we wanted to celebrate that as well.”

The couple continued the red theme with their choice of flowers too.

“We choose deep red Grand Prix roses to have in all flower bouquets, buttonholes, displays and decorations, as they tied in perfectly with the red colour scheme of Marks uniform and looked so romantic throughout the hotel. Plus they have always been my favourite flower!”

Vikki’s stunning dress was a vintage inspired lace design.

“My dress was a lace, vintage inspired, fitted drop waist Maggie Sottero gown. I loved the champagne colour of the dress with the ivory lace over the top, and the lace shoulders and covered buttons were the deciding factors for me, along with my veil which had matching lace detail. I never imagined I could wear a dress that shape, but after losing over 3 stone, I had to have it! After buying the dress, I knew I had to have my hair up to show off the lace shoulders and back detail, and I added a vintage slide to my hair to highlight the lovely curled up do my sister in law did for me! I also knew once we’d pick our colour scheme that I wanted my make up to include red lips, to tie in with the colour scheme and go with my bouquet. I also thought it added to the vintage look of my dress.”

The bridesmaids and groomsmen wore a light grey colour, with hints of red in their shoes and bouquets/buttonholes and pocket squares. Mark & Vikki chose these colours as they didn’t want the red scheme to be too overbearing and thought the light grey complimented it well. It also went really well with the silver jewellery that Vikki chose for her bridesmaids.

“The whole day itself was like a dream, and went exactly as we had both wanted and imagined! So many people had told me in the lead up to the wedding that we needed to stop and take it all in at certain moments during the day, and we promised ourselves we would! During our first dance we actually forgot there was anyone else in the room with us! There were so many special moments throughout the day, for me standing outside the ceremony room and hearing everyone’s reaction to our nephew being carried down the aisle in his little soldiers uniform with a sign for Uncle Mark will be one I will never forget. Plus, seeing Mark in his full uniform was a first for me that day, even after 5 years together, so seeing him at the end of the aisle was as exciting as I hope it was for him to see me! In addition to this, I will always be proud of myself for giving a speech and saying thank you to people personally, even though I was so nervous!”


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