David & Stephanie’s Fanhams Hall Wedding

David & Stephanie’s Fanhams Hall Wedding

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Today’s blog features Stephanie & David’s wedding day at Fanhams Hall in Hertfordshire. These guys went for a very traditional day, first with their ceremony held at their local church and then on to their reception at the lovely Fanhams Hall.

‘We chose Fanhams as it has a beautiful country manor feel, with dark oak panelling, high ceilings, a stunning library room and beautiful gardens.’

Stephanie and David chose yellow as their main colour for the day as its Stephanie’s favourite. They mixed it up a bit with dark navy morning suits for the groomsmen and teal dresses for the bridesmaids. The yellow against the darker colours added contrast to the outfits and worked really well.

The flowers were a mix of yellow and white gerberas, roses, germini and freesias and the couple chose candlebra centrepieces as they felt they were in keeping with the style of the dining hall.

The dress was by designer Phil Collins, it had straps, a low back, beading detail around the waist and many layers of tulle.

‘My bridesmaids and my mum came wedding dress shopping with me and their reaction when they saw me in the dress sealed the deal. As soon as the curtain was pulled back their faces lit up and I knew it was the dress for me. I had been shopping for a strapless dress but my mum encouraged me to try a dress with straps, she is Italian and I knew to trust her sense of style!’

‘I decided to wear my hair up to accentuate the low back of the dress and wore a beautiful crystal hair slide by ‘Blossom’ to add some glamour.’

‘We wanted to make sure our guests had a great time, so we arranged for giant garden games during the reception drinks, a harp and flute duo to perform during the wedding breakfast, an evening casino followed by the DJ who kept people on the dancefloor all night long. We threw in a few surprises along the way, like David delivering part of his speech in Italian for my relatives, a confetti cannon explosion during our first dance and a string quartet playing the Game of Thrones theme music whilst we were signing the Register. We also added some Italian touches, like traditional Italian favours for the female guests. The day was everything we had wanted and more. It went by all too quickly and we wish we could do it all over again!’



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