Joe & Nikita’s Ravenswood Hotel Wedding Day

Joe & Nikita’s Ravenswood Hotel Wedding Day

Where did you get married: The Ravenswood Hotel 

Why did you choose the venue? It was so naturally beautiful and with the renovations it felt like it had some of the more traditional homely characteristics that appeal to Joe as well as modern, elegant characteristics that wowed me on first sight.With beautiful scenery, ponds, woodland and wildlife – a space that we both fell in love with. 

Did you have any type of theme to your day/ colour schemes? – elegant and floral mainly (in particular blossom and wisteria) with plenty of candles. For the Indian ceremony the main colours were white/cream/gold and red. For the civil wedding navy, gold and ‘sangria’.

 How did you have your hair/make up? Indian weddings are always so bold and vibrant, so it felt fitting that the makeup reflect that. red lips to match the dress! the hair style had to hold under immense weight, so I opted for a high bun! For the civil wedding far more natural, elegant and ‘clean’ looking to also ensure a suitable contrast for both days. The tables had a personal touch, with Niki using much of her spare time to hand craft decorations – from photo displays to homemade candles, and many things in between! 

How did you feel that the day went as a whole? Both days were incredible, even with the slight timing issues at the start of the first day, truly a memorable weekend, hopefully for more just the two of us!

Are there any special moments/memories that you’d like to share? Most people we’ve spoken to since the wedding seem to all recall the moment – during the Hindu blessing ceremony – the sheet shielding Niki from Joe’s gaze dropped, revealing one another. Joe crying – on numerous occasions, especially the Saturday. Niki walking down the Aisle, Joe’s sobbing setting half the room off on a little sob-of-solidarity. 

Niki’s Dad’s speech, for several reasons… Niki was really touched by what he had to say, showing a side of him perhaps she hadn’t seen a lot of before. As well as, Passion Juice comment… sort of speaks for itself.

The first dance. We were both so nervous practicing for one last time 5 minutes beforehand… to this day I’m really not sure how it went, but… I didn’t drop her, think it went okay! 

Please feel free to add anything else that you’d like to share about your day. Thank you! – Everything went so smoothly, even when it didn’t. Everything that happened was part of our day, and went in some way to making it unique for us. James was brilliant and had a sixth sense for when the two of us needed to take a moment away from it all, to just enjoy a moment as a couple, taking us off and breaking up each day with portraits and couples shots. Shout out to Gavin for just rolling with a truly messed up Stileman family on day 1 and, got to say, you work well as a double act! The Pizza Van by Pizza Post, I’m told looked ace, though I didn’t get to see it myself! 

Day Two

Supplier Shout Out

Pizza Post

The Ravenswood

Mohan’s Catering

JPC Events

Emma-Lily Curran Make Up Artist

Loria Boban

Spires Hairdressing – East Grinstead

Exquisite Mandaps

Mulberry Events

Mr & Mrs Mini Golf 

Raju Pandya Ltd – Exclusive Hindu Wedding Ceremonies

Jignesha – family friend – Indian hair and makeup

David’s Bridal

Mrs Nikita Stileman – beautifully hand crafted table decorations.

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