Kent Wedding Photographer – Sarah & Tom’s DIY Wedding Day

Kent Wedding Photographer – Sarah & Tom’s DIY Wedding Day

Hey Guys!
Today on the blog is Sarah & Tom’s Wedding Day. Sarah and Tom tied the knot at St Mary the Virgin Church, in Horton Kirby, and then went on to the Village Hall for their reception. The theme they chose was a chilled out ‘village hall wedding’ with plenty of colour and cheerful bunting, and lots of homemade/DIY elements.

‘We choose the venue as it had that relaxing feel, and was perfect for what we wanted, the church and hall were close to each other so people could walk if they wanted to, many people did as it was a nice day.’

Sarah chose wild flowers in all different colours for her bouquet, the bridemaids had gypsophila with a coloured ribbon matching their shoes, and wild flowers where also used in the decor of the hall.
Sarah’s beautiful dress was a ‘morilee’ dress which was made out of Poetic lace in a ball gown style with sweetheart neck line and a puddle train.

‘I wanted a big dress as it’s the only time you get to wear one so I thought, why not! I wanted lace as I love the vintage, old look of it.’

Bridesmaids wore off the shoulder, lace, ivory dresses and they all had different coloured shoes.
The Groomsmen and their three boys wore tartan ties (as tom is Scottish) and the button holes were thistles, again for the Scottish link. Tom wore a navy tweed suit ,him and our boys had matching tie clips.

‘The day went perfectly and exactly how we wanted it to. We had so much help with setting up, which we are so grateful for and even tidying up the day after, it was all such a lot of work but so worth it!

So glad we hired the bouncy castle as there were so many kids which we knew there would be, so that kept them busy! And we were so happy with the BBQ, as everyone said they really enjoyed their food. It was perfect!’


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